Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I Love Dialogue - Drenched Excerpt 2

Elizabeth Slaton is new in town, having recently moved from Colorado. She's been looking for a job and finally had a line on one with an elder care facility. She spoke to the director earlier in the day, setting up an appointment for the following morning. He calls her out of the blue and the conversation isn't exactly what she expected. He promises  her directions to the facility.

Where are you located? I can give you great directions and can almost guarantee you won't get lost.”
Almost? That sounds dubious, Mr. Marshall.”
Well, I can't factor in your ability to follow directions, so I can't say they are definitively, one hundred percent fool proof.”
Gotcha. I'm over on the beach. I can get mainland without difficulty.”
Okay, north or south end?”
South. On Twenty-seventh.”
Sweet. Okay. Once you cross the causeway, turn north on US-1.”
Hang on, let me get a pen.” She scrambled around finding paper and a pen. “Okay, north on US-1.”
Have you been to the city limits up north?”
It's not quite five miles. You'll want to be in the left lane. Pass the airport, pass Tops and Bottoms.”
Tops and Bottoms. It's a strip club. You can't miss it.”
I had no idea New Smyrna was so cosmopolitan.”
He chuckled. It was a very warm sound and made Elizabeth feel comfortable.
Two blocks past, turn left. We're on the left, but parking is on the right. Got that?”
Yes, I think so. We'll see how well if I'm on time tomorrow.”
Take down my number in case you get lost.” He gave her his cell number. “Where you from, Miss Slaton?”
Denver, most recently. Ever been there?”
I spent the night at the airport once. We got snowed in on Halloween. Kind of a shock for a Southern boy like me to see snow in October. You went to college, I assume. Was that in Denver, too?”
That's why I initially went there. I went to University of Denver. I graduated with my bachelor's with 3.9 and started my master's.”
What field?”
Business management.” She laughed a little, puzzled by the conversation. “I thought we were doing this tomorrow.”
Why wait? I still have to see you in person, but get the boring stuff out of the way before you get here. How many hours before you have your masters?”
Why'd you leave, if you don't mind me asking.”
Never date a cowboy.”
© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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