Thursday, February 14, 2019

Take a Bite Outta Crime Part 4 by Dellani Oakes

"Honey. Honey, wake up!"
"Mmf?" Kirk had never been one to wake easily. He rolled over, trying to focus. "Bright," he groaned, pulling the pillow over his head. "Time's it?"
"It's six o'clock. Shush, look!" She pointed to the screen, turning up the sound.
"Police found evidence that leads them to believe that both crimes are related. Is someone targeting local caterers? Full story at noon. For now, I'm Shelly Frakes on the scene. Back to you, Bill."
They were looking once more at the anchorman with his perfect hair and painted on tan. The fake tan made his eyes look overly white, Drea noticed in passing. He smiled artfully at the camera just before it cut to a commercial.
"Targeting local caterers? What drivel," Kirk mumbled. "Jay wasn't a caterer. He was a fishmonger. Big difference."
"I'm going shopping," Drea said with a sigh. "I need some clean panties."
"Where on earth will you go at this wretched hour? Sun's barely out." Kirk was up, pouring coffee and scratching.
"Bound to be a twenty-four hour Wal-Mart nearby."
"Darling, you haven't shopped in a Wal-Mart in years."
"Sorry, dear, but I'm quite sure Saks is closed at this hour. I don't relish the idea of putting on dirty clothing after a shower."
"You used to not mind."
"Well, you used to think bathing was bad for you," she said, tossing a pillow at him.
"Do we have any appointments today?"
"Nothing Margo can't handle."
"I'll call her, then I'm going back to bed. This bed is wonderful. Care to join me?"
"Not with that wake up breath," she fanned in front of her face. "I'll be back."
She grabbed her purse, keys and sunglasses. Kirk called his sous-chef, got embroiled in a longer conversation than he wanted, and drank another cup of coffee. That accomplished, he showered and solved the dirty underwear problem by going back to bed naked.
Drea took the car and searched out the nearest store. She was able to purchase everything they needed, except for uniforms. There was a shop downtown that would have what those, but it didn't open until much later in the day. Laden with her purchases, she headed back to her car, only to find it—missing? She was sure of where she had parked. The lot wasn't that full. Looking around frantically, she burst into tears.
Day workers, who were heading into work, saw her. Two women stopped to see what the trouble was. Sobbing, incoherent, she tried to explain. They took her back inside, leading her to the store office where the assistant manager called Kirk at their hotel.
He opened his eyes groggily, frowning at the offending piece of electrical equipment, reaching for it reluctantly. "Yes?"
"Mr. Nunne?"
"Maggie Longstreet here at the Wal-Mart, sir. Hello."
"Yeah? Sup, Maggie?"
"We have your wife here in the office. Apparently, someone stole your car while she was shopping."
Kirk was immediately awake. "What? Our car? Drea? May I speak to her?"
"She's pretty upset. I'll try."
The phone fumbled and scrabbled for a moment. Then he heard some fretful sniffling.
"Drea? Darling, what's wrong?"
"Someone stole the car!" She wailed. "It was right there! I locked it, I swear! I got our things and it was gone. And I'm sitting in the office in dirty panties!" For some reason, that idea really set her off again.
"I need the address, honey. Did you call the police?"
"Maggie did."
"Can I speak to her again, sweetheart?"
He heard the phone exchange hands again.
"Mr. Nunne? We're trying to get her calmed down."
"I'll come get her, but it's going to take awhile. I need a cab."
"We're within walking distance of your hotel, Mr. Nunne." She gave him specific directions.
"Thanks, Maggie," he said, scribbling them on some hotel stationary. "I'll be there shortly."
"The police have just arrived, sir. I need to go."
"Thanks, Maggie."
When Kirk arrived at the store, his pal, Officer Scott, was on the scene.
"I heard the call and thought I'd better respond. After last night, well... Honestly, I was a little worried. This is very strange, Mr. Nunne."
"Agreed. Who the hell would take our car?"
"Someone who's desperate to get something they think you have," he said quietly. "You didn't take anything from the fish market?"
"Except some bad memories, no. Oh, by the way, about that...." He explained about seeing Jay's van moving as he walked by.
"And that led you to believe someone was inside?"
© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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