Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Take a Bite Outta Crime Part 7 by Dellani Oakes

"Don't start," he pointed at her angrily.
"The paramedic told him it was only food," Drea told her in a stage whisper.
"I'll remember that remark," Kirk growled, his eyes flashing dangerously. "If they still allowed it, I'd nail his skin to a wall."
"Darling, that's a tad harsh. He's just a boy."
"Good for discipline. Teach the masses the truth, that's what I say."
"And that's a good way to work your way into the hearts of the people," Margo said in a matter-of-fact tone. "Rates highly with the public when you fillet them."
"Shut up," Kirk said, digging around for a T-shirt in the plastic shopping bag.
He pulled out a brown shirt that said, Did You Eat an Extra Bowl of Stupid Today?, pulling it on without looking carefully at it. He groaned when he saw himself in the mirror.
"Did you have to?" he asked Drea.
"They didn't have much selection your size. Would you have preferred the ones with scythe wielding skeletons?"
"Not a lot."
"Well, then...."
"I feel the need for an upgrade," he said. "But I suppose that has to wait until tomorrow."
"You could go now. Keep in mind that the law doesn't like folks who break and enter," Margo said. "Before I forget, I brought the medicine and the lotion." She emptied her pockets, tossing the items on the bed. "Didn't we talk about this? Keeping it on you?"
"I have mine," Drea said. "It was Kirk who didn't."
"I was hardly expecting to be robbed," he said in his defense. "I keep some at work and in the car."
"And you should have some in your pocket."
"Your concern is noted, Margo. Enough lectures. Want to join us for dinner?"
"I'm expected at home. Tommy is cooking." She raised an eyebrow at the mention of the prep chef's name. "Thanks so much for hiring him, Kirk. Tasty!" She licked her lips lavishly, slurping.
"Don't want to know," Kirk replied, putting his fingers in his ears.
"He's a spicy, sweet, tasty treat," she concluded loudly. "Drea does, though. Don't you?" She raised an eyebrow, nodding.
"Not especially. I'm just glad you're happy. You deserve it."
"At least one of you is happy for me," she said with a fake pout.
"I'm happy, I just don't want to hear about how well you're getting along," Kirk said with a shudder. "You have a nasty habit of consuming your men, Margo. And I happen to like Tommy. He's a good kid and an excellent chef. I don't want you corrupting him once I have him trained the way I want him."
"On that note, I'll be going," Margo told Drea. "See you in the morning?"
"Probably. Provided nothing else is stolen, vandalized or broken into, we'll be there."
"Shall I come by for you?"
"Sure. I'll rent a car later in the day," Kirk said. "But I can't deal with that when I first get up."
"Alrighty then!" Margo got up, flouncing toward the door. "See you in the A.M.!" Blowing kisses, she left.
"She's going to dry that kid up like a weed," Kirk said to Drea.
"I think she really cares about this one," Drea replied. "She might decide to keep him."
"If she does, that's great. I don't mind. But she'll have to train him. I don't have time."
"I know, darling. But think how we felt about Margo when we first added her to the fold."
He nodded. "Well, we had to, didn't we? I mean, she did catch us in a rather compromising position. It was that or kill her, and I really like the way she works in the kitchen."
"I know. She has been an asset all these years, despite her histrionics."
They went downstairs to the hotel cafe for dinner. Neither of them had the wardrobe appropriate for the dining room. Not that Kirk cared. The odors coming from the restaurant told him he would not be satisfied with the cuisine. At least in the cafe he would not be expecting five star food, and he wouldn't be disappointed when something less arrived. Lowering his expectations was easier than lowering his standards.
After dinner, they decided to catch a movie, then went for a walk along the pier. Drea was all for a late night boat ride into the bay, but Kirk was starting to get tired.
"Forgot your medicine, didn't you?" Drea said, holding him close as they gazed across the water.
"Mm.... Even with Margo bringing it. As old as I am, as long as I've been taking it, I can still forget."
"I do too, on occasion," Drea said. "But it's important. It helps control those little outbursts like with the paramedic."
"That kid had it coming," Kirk disagreed.
"But darling, you almost let your fangs show. You mustn't do that in public. What will people think?"
He chuckled, nibbling her earlobe as his lips caressed her neck. "They'll think, Who's that terribly handsome, well preserved man nibbling on that beautiful neck? That's what they'll think."
"They're more likely to grab torches and pitchforks," she mused.
"Typical ignorance. Let's go."
© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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