Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Best Medicine by Dellani Oakes – Part 29

Content Warning: This episode includes sex and is not appropriate for children under 18

"Here now, you. No touching the masseuse!" She smacked him again.
"Listen here, missy! You can't mistreat the customer! I'm an American citizen, I have rights!" He made another playful grab, this time missing her completely, when she dodged out of his way.
"Yes, the right to sit still and behave yourself."
"No, I won't do that. I have the right to have the woman I love kiss me, fondle me and otherwise take my mind off my problems."
"Oh, is that so? And what about my rights?" She was giggling at him as he tried to grab her from a sitting position.
Morgan turned to face her, and pulled her to him, planting a spine tingling kiss on her lips. "You, my sweet, have the right to remain silent as I make fantastic love to you!" He picked her up, carrying her up the steps to her bedroom.
They dropped on the bed, laughing happily. Tanya was glad to have finally gotten his mind off his troubles, if only for a little while. Morgan kissed her all over, tenderly removing her clothing as he did so. He nibbled, tickled and played, enjoying the curves of her body. Never had he been so silly and uninhibited. He made love to her like he hadn't a care in the world, and she was the center of his universe.
He found all kinds of new and delicious things to excite her, working hard to make her happy. He remembered everything she liked, bringing her to the point of orgasm repeatedly, only to ease back and do something else. It was maddening, delightful and amazing! When they finally reached their climax, Tanya felt like the earth moved beneath her, rocking her world. Every part of her body thrilled and quivered with satisfaction. They rolled apart, panting and sweaty.
Morgan cuddled up against her, his head between her breasts, kissing her as he ran his fingers down her spine. Tanya wanted to sing with happiness. Her body delighted in his. It wasn't just the sex that attracted her to him, it was everything. He was witty, intelligent, creative and interested in many unique things. They had so much in common, yet were enough different to add spice and variety to their relationship.
"Why didn't we find one another a long time ago?" he asked her. "So much wasted time, when we could have been together."
"We weren't ready," she told him with sudden insight. "We had to go through what we did, in order to come to this place at this time. Any sooner, we'd never have seen the worth and merit of the other."
"True. I hadn't thought of it that way."
"If Gram hadn't died, and I hadn't changed my mind about what I wanted to do, we probably never would have met."
"We would have eventually," he breathed slowly and deeply, inhaling her scent. "You spent time here visiting your Gram. Sooner or later, you'd have walked into Molly's restaurant, ordered up a steak, and seen me on the other side of the room."
"What would you be doing?"
"Staring at the most beautiful woman in the place, ordering her a drink." He kissed her breasts, nibbling the nipples gently. "Then I'd have sat down, had a few drinks, and asked you to dance."
"And I would have said yes," she told him, bringing his lips up to hers. "I'd have said yes, yes!"
"I love you, Tanya. There's no one else for me, but you."
"I love you, too, Morgan. Thank you so much for saving me."
"What did I save you from?" He looked genuinely surprised.
"From wrapping myself in my work, insulating myself from everyone and everything. You made me see the sun again, when all I could see were the clouds."
They made love again, slowly and sensuously. This time it was Tanya's turn to give Morgan a treat. She had grown more creative and experimental in their time together, doing her best to surprise him, just as he had her. She enjoyed seeing the passion and pleasure grow in his eyes. He was the happiest she had ever seen him, and it was all because of her.
"You're my everything," he whispered as they lay side by side.
"I've never been anyone's everything before." She grinned, snuggling closer to him as he lay behind her with his arm around her. "I like it."
"Me too," he mumbled. His lips brushed against her ear, and he slept.
Tanya stayed awake a little while, just feeling his closeness and watching him sleep. He was completely relaxed and stress free for the first time in weeks. Snuggling into the curve of his body, she fell asleep feeling warm, safe and secure. They had slept a couple of hours when his phone rang. Groggy and disoriented, he picked it up expecting it to be the hospital.
"Morgan," a familiar male voice said brightly and loudly. "Where the hell are you, man? We were supposed to go canoeing. I'm banging on your front door, and no one's answering. Are you even home?"
"Who the f**k is this?"
"Hal! Idiot! I've only been your closest friend for what, close to thirty years? Where are you?"
"At Tanya's house."
There was silence. "Doesn't clear it up a lot, buddy. Who's Tanya?"
© 2020 Dellani Oakes

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