Monday, February 02, 2015

Undiscovered - Excerpt from Chapter 6

Scott decides the best way to protect Cadence is to take her somewhere unexpected. He won't tell her his plans, nor does he share that information with Weinstein. The only hold up is having a place for Cadence to keep her cat, Porthos. She makes a quick call to her mother telling her she's going off for a romantic weekend with a new man.

"Wow, you lie better than I do."
"I didn't exactly lie. The only thing I lied about was how long we've known one another. We're going away for a long weekend and—you are special."
"Cadence," he turned to her, taking her hands once the elevator door closed. "I really like you—more than any other woman I've ever known."
"But? Cause I know there's one hiding in there."
"This can't be a romantic weekend. I'm doing my job."
Her mouth worked and her chin jutted defiantly. "I know that. Just because your mind's in the gutter doesn't mean mine is."
"I wanted to you know. . . ." He stopped talking, letting go of her hands when the doors opened on her floor.
They walked to her apartment, entering quickly. He locked and bolted the door behind them. Before she went upstairs to pack, he took her hands again.
"I wanted you to know—you're very special to me. I know we just met, but. . . . Dammit, I wish I wasn't on assignment. You're beautiful and intelligent and you don't mind my tacky innuendoes. I don't think that I'm the only one attracted here. Am I right?"
She nodded, leaning toward him. "You're right."
He leaned in, wanting desperately to kiss her. "Promise me something."
"When this is over, when we've caught these guys—"
She waited, knowing he was struggling with something. She had a feeling she knew what his conflict was. She hadn't missed the longing gazes, the swelling in his pants when she was near—and the kisses.
"When this is over, if you don't take me to bed and make love to me for a week, I'm gonna shoot you in the foot," she said huskily.
He closed his eyes, smiling. "Yes!"
Taking advantage of his eyes being closed, she kissed him. At first, he tried to pull away, but she was persistent. Her arms went around his waist, holding him close. She opened her mouth, inviting him to kiss her deeply. They stood that way a long time, letting the world pass them by. Porthos wrapping around their ankles, mewing, got their attention.
"I shouldn't let you do that," Scott whispered, licking his lips. "It would be so easy to take you to bed. I could lose my job just for the thoughts I'm having."
"I know. I had to have one last kiss before we get all serious."
"You'd better get your things. Do you have a carrier for Porthos?"
"In the laundry room over the drier."
"Okay." He didn't move away from her. Laying his forehead against hers, he held her close. "Okay. This is me. . . going to get the cat. . ." He kissed her again, desperate for her.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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