Tuesday, May 08, 2018

I Love Dialogue from Twin Threat by Dellani

Silas and Titus are twins. They both work as prep chefs in two different restaurants. From time to time, their bosses send them to visit the competition. Tonight, it's Silas' turn and he asks his brother's girlfriend for help deciding what to wear.

Silas wandered out of his room. He was wearing a dress shirt and pants, holding two ties.
Help. Which?” he appealed to Amita.
His shirt was a medium lavender, his pants gray. One tie was mauve, gray, gold and mocha colored stripes. The other was pale gold with pink, gold and purple paisleys on it. Amita held up each against the shirt, considering.
That one,” Titus said, tapping the paisleys.
He's right.”
One thing you'll learn about my brother, he's very decisive,” Silas said. “Me, I waffle around and can't decide shit. Titus weighs the options, and has a decision in thirty seconds or less. And he's rarely wrong, which is really annoying. I can work thirty minutes and get the same decision he made. If he was wrong, I could at least tell him my way is better.” His hands had been busy with his tie. When he was done, it wasn't a standard Windsor, but an fancy, woven knot.
It's called the Trinity. Like that?”
Very much.” She touched the knot. “Looks good. You have a jacket?”
Yeah.” He brought it out, holding two pocket squares.
Amita studied them, too. Silas knew his brother had an opinion, but was waiting for Amita.
This one,” she pointed to one that picked up the blue of his eyes and the lavender of his shirt. It was scattered with tiny flowers. The other was bold polka dots.
Good choice,” Titus said. “But that was easy, cause the dots are just butt ass ugly.”
It was a gift,” Silas said as if that absolved him of poor taste.
From who?”
You. My birthday three years ago.”
Had to have been a gag gift. I'd never buy something like that, unless it was a joke.”
Silas balled it up, throwing it at his brother. Titus caught it and put it in his back pocket.
I'll use it to wipe my ass later.”
I need to borrow shoes,” Silas said, wandering into Titus' room.
Go ahead. Love how you ask.”
Um, you borrowed my red shirt the other day,” his voice was muffled by distance.
No, I took back my red shirt that you decided was yours.”
No way! That shirt's mine.”
I wrote my name in it.”
After you took it.”
When I bought it! Mrs. Hooper always did that. It seemed like a good idea.”
How do I look?” Silas posed in front of Amita, preening like a peacock.
Good enough to eat,” she murmured.
Good enough to go eat—at a nice restaurant. What's Paulson's?”
New high end steak house.”
Why do you need to know about steaks?”
It's supposedly an Italian grill.”
If it's Italian, why Paulson's?”
The owner is Paul and it's like Paul and Sons. Or some such shit. His last name is really something hard to pronounce.”
And Italian?” Titus asked.
One would assume.”
You don't look bad. Wallet. Keys. Cash from the boss. Phone. Condoms,” Titus listed rapily.
All of the above—except condoms. Really? This isn't a social call,” Silas griped.
One can never be too prepared,” Titus said. He pulled one from his pocket and tucked it behind the pocket square.
Silas glared at him and left. Titus shut the door behind his brother with a grin.
You notice, he took it with him.”
Let me guess, you're the Evil Twin everyone warned me about?”
Only if you want me to be. I do, however, want to be the Lucky Twin who takes you back to bed.”
I'd like that.”
© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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