Tuesday, May 01, 2018

I Love Dialogue from We Are the Champions by Dellani

Asher works as a comedian in an improv group called Cheesers Champions. He meets Ruby when she's chosen to do a sketch with him. When Asher is injured by one of the cast members, he finds out that Ruby is really a doctor. Smitten with the sultry brunette, Asher decides to ask her out.

His phone rang as he got out. It was Ruby. When had he given her his number? Then he remembered, it was on his clinic paperwork.
"Oh, my God!" she said as soon as he answered. "I just saw the most awful thing!"
"Is it an accident, someone hurt?"
"No! I saw a black Jeep with tinted windows driving down the road."
"That's not so bad, Ruby."
"There's more. You know that stupid neon shit people put on their cars?"
"Yeah. Kill me if I even think of doing that."
"Not only did he have neon under the Jeep, but it was around the headlights and the fog lights. This sickening green."
Asher gulped, picturing it. "I think I just threw up in my mouth a little."
"I know! Sacrilege!"
"Ain't disagreeing with ya, Doc. You inside safe and sound or are you pacing the parking lot?"
"I'm inside." She laughed. "Worried about my safety?"
"No, I'm worried about if you see that Jeep again. The driver of such an atrocity wouldn't be safe."
"You're right. I'd be tempted to take a baseball bat to his neon."
He inhaled sharply. "Oh, baby. A man's neon is sacred. Can't go bustin' his lights."
Ruby laughed loudly. "This is why I love talking to you. You always make me laugh. I really enjoyed the show the last three nights."
"I'm glad. I really enjoyed the kissing."
Ruby's giggle turned earthy, making Asher shiver with desire.
"The kissing was decidedly good. You do everything that well, Gaylord?"
Asher groaned. "See, I knew giving you that ammunition was a mistake. But yes, Ruby Pearl, I do. In fact, there's a few things I do better. Wanna find out?"
"Soon," she promised. "It's a matter of intricate timing."
"Gotcha. Thought maybe it was a matter of getting hot enough not to care."
"That too. Trust me—I'm hot." Her voice became a husky whisper.
He dropped his keys while trying to open his door. "F**k," he whispered. "You're making me drop things, baby. Lucky I live in a secure building, or I'd get myself mugged."
"Do I make you hot?" Ruby continued, having no sympathy.
"Why do you think I've got a fever whenever you're around?"
© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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