Sunday, August 07, 2011

It's Show Time!

Tomorrow is my first August show. Join me for Dellani's Tea Time at 4:00 PM Eastern on Blog Talk Radio. My guests will be Dianna Graveman, Linda Nance and GR Holton. Below are short bios of the authors. Enjoy!

GR Holton

On a warm summer morning in 1962, G. R. Holton was born in a little town in Massachusetts. I am the second eldest in a family of eight children. I am happily married and living in eastern Tennessee. I took an interest in computer games to pass the time, and then one day I made a friend, Marlene Milton, on one of those online games with chat. We became great friends and after a few weeks of talking, I met her husband, Derek Milton online and we hit it off quickly. Derek is a movie director and screenwriter from Canada. He gave me a couple of his screenplays to read and I was hooked. I knew at that point I wanted to try writing. Derek was right there to help me. One night I had a dream of three teens on another planet and in a cave. This was it; I knew what had to be done. I sat down at the computer and over the course of three months, I had written my first book, “Soleri”. I couldn’t stop there, so I continued writing and, “Guardians Alliance” was born. I have also published a children’s picture book called, “Squazles” about not judging others. My latest is, “Deep Screams”, a science fiction/horror thriller that is now available in eBook and paperback at the major online book retailers.

Dianna Graveman

Dianna Graveman is a writer, editor, and educator with a background in training development and graphic design. She teaches Narrative Journalism and Writing for Publications in the MFA program at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri.

Dianna’s portfolio includes includes published works for CBS-St. Louis, AOL, Suburban Journals, St. Anthony Messenger, Teachers of Vision Magazine, Looking Back Magazine, Kansas City Voices, Gold Dust Magazine (UK), You and Me Magazine, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Cup of Comfort, and several other publications and anthologies, as well as co-authorship of four regional histories for Arcadia Publishing's popular "Images of America" series. She has won 19 writing awards, including six from Missouri Writers’ Guild and two from Catholic Press Association of the U.S. and Canada. Dianna is a member and Managing Editor for Missouri Writers’ Guild. She is also a member of St. Louis Writers Guild, Ozark Writers’ League, and Toastmasters International and has several projects in development.

Linda Nance

I am Linda Nance. It has been my dream to be a published author and be to be able to reach out to others. I would like to be able to make a difference. You might say it is my voice. I want to say that we are never too old or too young to make dreams come true if we are willing to work hard and believe. I want each and every person who might get one of my books to have something special that reminds them in their own lives to never give up. Whatever their dreams and wishes are, they can come true.
I love to write, paint,sculpt and many other things. I am a wife, mother, grandmother ( I really like that one) daughter, sister, aunt, neighbor, friend and whatever I have been needed to be. Now I am also a writer and illustrator of my two novels Life Goes On, Journey Home, and the new Children’s Book. I want people to be able to hold the book and look at it and it be more than just another novel. I designed and created the covers and wrote the books from front to back. I wanted to write stories that would be enjoyed and remembered.
It has been a long journey to reach this point as I hold the books in my hands. This is only the beginning. I lived through the cancer surgery and am still writing. I still paint and want to live my life and not just be alive. I want to have a purpose and make a difference. I did not give up. I have only just begun.

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