Saturday, April 04, 2015

The Unfit Author - AWOL

I was doing really well, and then things fell apart. I developed a horrible sinus infection that made my vertigo kick in. I could hardly stand up and walk, let alone dance. Then, we had a death in the family and I was out of pocket for a week with that.

I will be getting back to my regularly scheduled dancing as soon as possible. Right now, my legs are very sore, partly from all the standing in the wrong shoes, and partly from standing on concrete for a week, going through things. This week will be difficult, as my daughter and her family are visiting for Easter, but I will do what I can.

It was working. Though I hadn't lost any inches yet, I had dropped a couple pounds, which was lovely. I will go back to it, kicking it hard when I'm able.
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Meanwhile, if you need something good to read over spring break, or you want a good book just because you love to read, I invite you to check mine out.

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